Walmgate Bar, York City Walls

York’s most complete and recognisable Bar still comprises its defensive barbican, portcullis and oak doors. In fact Walmgate Bar is the only town gate in England to survive with its barbican intact.

Walmgate Bar from the side showing the defensive barbican

The stone archway dates back to the 12th Century, the walled barbican is 14th Century and the original oak wooden gates are 15th Century. The timber framed and plaster building to the inside of the bar is 16th Century but has been recorded as being pre-dated by another building which was let out as early as the 14th Century, today it houses a cafe where you can stop off for a brew and a bite to eat while walking around the walls.

Walmgate Bar from inside the Walls

The biggest repairs to Walmgate Bar were in 1648 after undergoing severe damage during the Seige of York and again in 1840 after years of neglect. Today the Bar is still undergoing repairs due to its age but also due to a car driver who crashed into one of the supportive stone pillars.

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  • Cyril b. Mallinson January 5, 2015 on 9:10 pm

    Walmgate Bar location. About 1933 my father was working on repairs to the foundations to the Grocers boulding, which was next door to Crowss Butchers , first shop on the left-hand side as you were going into town. Unfortuately the diggings which were piled on the grass bank towards the back of the wall slid into the excavation and burried my father alive, he was rescued after about twenty minutes and taken to the County Hospital, where after a long period He recovered after months of treatment. Up to now I have been unable to secure any record of this,[hospital records which were held in the Art Gallery, opposite thr De Gray rooms at that time] were not permitted to give me a copy. Can you suggest any further avenues. faithfully yours Cyril [sid] Mallinson