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Located in Museum Gardens close to the Multangular Tower the recently restored Anglian Tower is one of only two non-ecclesiastical Anglo-Saxon structures in the Country. Rediscovered in 1839 and restored in […]

The Old Baile Hill Castle

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York is especially noted in the history books for its two Norman-built castles. Baile Hill on the west of the river Ouse and Clifford’s tower, the o ...

The Golden Fleece, Pavement

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Mentioned in the York archives as early as 1503 and known as an Inn since 1656, though not licensed until 1668, The Golden Fleece is one of York’s o ...


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Named in 1378, it’s thought Pavement was given it’s name as it was the first walkway to be paved in York out of all it’s medieval streets. Origi ...

  • Merchant Adventurers Hall, Fossgate
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    The land the hall stands on was bought by three local merchants, from Sir William Percy, in 1356 and construction took place between 1357 and 1368. The Merchant’s Guild, who […]

  • Multangular Tower, Museum Gardens
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    One of York’s oldest visible constructions is the defensive Multangular tower situated in the Museum Gardens. The majority of the stone tower was built in Roman times, between 209AD and […]

  • Rowntree Park, Terry Avenue
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    Rowntree park is located on the riverside of the Ouse on Terry Avenue. A gift to the City of York by Rowntree & Co in 1921 this park was created […]

  • Shambles
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    If one street could exemplify everything that York has to offer; the character, beauty and incredibly rich history, then it is the Shambles. Situated between Pavement and King’s Square, the […]