Streets of York

The streets of York are home to countless years of history and heritage. Many of the street names originate from Viking times, usually easily identifiable as they end in ‘gate’, such as Swinegate (street for the pigs) an Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate (we think they named that one just for fun.) As you walk along and explore the maze of streets you’ll find cosy cafés and bistros, independent shops and boutiques, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as the odd historic building here and there.

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A street full of discoveries, Stonegate runs above the main Roman road the Via Praetoria, now several feet below the busy shopping street. The Roman road led from the Basilica, […]


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Coppergate, an almost hidden find, leads off from a small opening in Nessgate to where York’s modern and popular shopping complex, with high-street ...

Coney Street

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Coney Street, is recognised by its large landmark clock that protrudes above the shoppers below. One of York’s main shopping thoroughfares it is as ...


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Castlegate as its name implies was and is the narrow thoroughfare leading to York Castle and where, as in other parts of the city, contrasting periods ...

  • Petergate
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    Petergate (named due its proximity with the Minster dedicated to St Peter) is a lively and quaint shopping thoroughfare and part of the newly branded Minster Quarter. On the site […]

  • Goodramgate
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    The Viking legacy is evident in many of York’s place names; Goodramgate, created by the Vikings in 1100 and now lined with charming shops and many pubs and cafés, is […]

  • Fossgate
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    Fossgate was part of the Roman’s south easterly route from their fortress. Named after the River Foss it was made a proper street in the Viking era when a wooden […]

  • Pavement
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    Named in 1378, it’s thought Pavement was given it’s name as it was the first walkway to be paved in York out of all it’s medieval streets. Originally a central […]

  • Shambles
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    If one street could exemplify everything that York has to offer; the character, beauty and incredibly rich history, then it is the Shambles. Situated between Pavement and King’s Square, the […]