Structures in York

Walls, ruins, towers, stones and bars (the gate type rather than the drinking type). Historical structures that have an interesting past.

February 8, 2013, No comments

The city of York with its two rivers, the Ouse and the Foss, is reliant on its bridge system. The oldest known site, dating to the 9th century, of a […]

St Mary’s Abbey, Museum Gardens

January 24, 2013, No comments

The peaceful and picturesque abbey ruins of the Yorkshire Museum Gardens belie their illustrious past. St Mary’s Abbey, York, the largest and we ...

Clifford’s Tower – York Castle

October 17, 2012, No comments

Clifford’s Tower is the last remaining part of one of the two castles built in York in 1068 by William the Conqueror. Originally part of York Ca ...

Walmgate Bar, York City Walls

October 17, 2012, No comments

York’s most complete and recognisable Bar still comprises its defensive barbican, portcullis and oak doors. In fact Walmgate Bar is the only tow ...

  • Bootham Bar, York City Walls
    October 10, 2012, No comments

    Located on a site that has had a gateway into York since 71AD the current three storey stone tower replaced an original and much smaller wooden structure built by the […]

  • Monk Bar, York City Walls
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    Monk Bar is the tallest of the four Bars measuring 19.2m and the most intricately designed, in both ornate appearance and from a structural perspective as all four storeys can […]

  • Mickelgate Bar, York City Walls
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    Taking its name from Mykill (Great) and Gata (Street) Micklegate Bar is the prestigious entrance to within the City Walls at which important guests from London and the Monarchy would […]

  • York City Walls
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    One of the great attractions that York is most recognised for are the City Walls guarding the perimeter of the once much smaller city. Stretching 2.75 miles (including the gaps) […]

  • Anglian Tower, Museum Gardens
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    Located in Museum Gardens close to the Multangular Tower the recently restored Anglian Tower is one of only two non-ecclesiastical Anglo-Saxon structures in the Country. Rediscovered in 1839 and restored in […]

  • The Old Baile Hill Castle
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    York is especially noted in the history books for its two Norman-built castles. Baile Hill on the west of the river Ouse and Clifford’s tower, the only remaining part of […]